Just in time for the season of resolutions and self-improvement, BEGINNER BURNERS is dropping on Saturday, January 7th. Beginner Burners is a 25-Day on-demand workout program designed to get you “back on the wagon” while moving from the comfort of your home. All you need is yourself + your mat! 

In addition to Beginner Burners’ entry-level workouts, Sarah + our team have created nine exercise tutorials for the moves you’ll see the most in SteeleSculpt classes. From form basics, to muscle recruitment, modifications, and fun exercise variations, we talk about it all. 

Learn all about side planks in the tutorial above!  We discuss why we prefer teaching modified side planks over regular side planks, offer basic form do’s and don’ts, and add key modifications and variations to watch out for.



  • Shoulder over elbow to ensure the integrity of your shoulder joint + the proper engagement of your obliques.
  • Hips stacked vertically so that two hip bones point to the side wall. This aids proper shoulder alignment and limits compensation in the lower back.
  • When setting up your side plank, glance down at the heel of your top leg and make sure it is in line with your hips and spine. 
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