For our musically inclined subscribers: we take a ton of pride in our playlists, so we thought we’d share our stats from this past year! Truthfully, we love all music, but our Spotify Wrapped is dominated by the bulk of our workout music: house, dance hits, pop, and rock. Be sure to follow us on Spotify + our deepest apologies to any Apple Music devotees out there.



A solid collection of our song obsessions— so much so, that some popular songs, remixed a few different ways, appear more than once. It’s clear that any Beyonce song is on our list solely because of Brittany. She wouldn’t turn off her album for a few months after it came out. Nonetheless, these are our top songs of the year:

  • Another huge favorite is On My Mind by Diplo, SIDEPIECE. You’ll know all of the words by the end of the song, and that’s the whole point. Catchy as hell. 



  • Any respectable workout playlist includes Dua Lipa. We’re proud fans.
  • And then of course, there’s Galantis with their incredibly catchy anthems— our favorite of late is Dandelion.
  • We also cannot say no to anything made by EDM giants Calvin Harris or David Guetta.
  • Lastly, please see aforementioned Brittany’s poisoning of our stats with her Beyonce obsession. 


This year, Spotify debuted a new feature in their annual summations: a user “Listening Personality” complete with acronyms in a cheeky reference to the Myers-Briggs type indicators. 

  • Our “Time Traveler” personality may be due the trend of EDM-ifying songs from the 70’s and 80’s, like the Whitney Houston x Kygo Higher Love remix and the popular Throttle remix of September by Earth Wind & Fire. 
  • We also spent a lot of time looking into cross-generational music for Sarah’s wedding! It turns out, literally everyone from Gen Z to Boomers loves Motown. 
  • Our acronym— ETVU— stands for Exploration, Timeless, Variety and Uniqueness. Thank you to Spotify for complimenting our DJ skills. We truly strive to appeal to you all + keep each and every class playlist fun for everyone!
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