I really enjoyed putting this one together. There’s a huge range in terms of price here + added more commentary below each link. Hopefully you find this to be a solid mix of trendy and classic pieces!



I fell deep into a cargo pants Internet hole to finally end up at Zara— these are not too tight, nor too high waisted. I actually bought them and I’m excited to wear all summer long. 
The pretty trim on this summery bag is sophisticated + feminine. The structure mini-tote shape is right up my alley.
I’m slowly dipping my toes into more interesting rings beyond my staple ring stacks. 
I don’t have any graphic sweaters— only solids or striped staples. This is cute + preppy. 
A dream purchase. Everyday, uber-high quality bangles that go with everything.
This seems like a practical loose linen number for the warmer months, but I like that it’s made a bit more dressy with the collar, sleeves + pearl buttons. 
I have a few old throws from T.J. Maxx that I’m looking to upgrade!
I love a tweed jacket! I’ve inherited an old one of my mom’s and I’ve thrifted another, but I’d love to wear a clean, cream one that is really versatile. 
This is very cool looking + can also drawstring into a smaller opening at the top. I would use as a dance bag or a gym bag in a heartbeat.
This shimmery slide-on has a little big toe hole that makes them just a tad different. I’m into it.
A much more affordable and chunky variation of my short bangle obsession this month. See Hermes bangles in #5. 
I bought this. I love the quilted jacket trend + appreciate how this one is 1 step warmer with a sherpa detachable collar + back side. 
Another attempt to incorporate more silver jewelry after a heavy few years of yellow gold only. I’m also a big fan of the dangling freshwater pearl. 
I like how this cardigan has preppy breast pockets, a collar +  chunky buttons. This is a “wear it forever” piece.
I’m feeling the color red this year. Bright, fire-engine red.
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