This is a fun combination of my picks from spring sales + a lot of targeted “getting ready for summer” content on my feeds. I did in fact purchase a few of the picks below, too! Scroll down for more details and my notes.



I love basically everything that LF makes, but these hoops in a natural-looking color would be so versatile and I’d wear all year round.
I wear my tank tops to death through every season and I’m due for a fresh batch of tanks! I like this brand— good quality, but not absurdly priced for a staple item.
I have a few chunkier short-chain pendants that I love and this one looks fun with its multicolored stones.
As for summer dresses, I have lots that are very feminine + girly looking, but I like this option for its length and neutral look.
My old cheap-y beaded bracelets have overstretched + broken over time and I’m looking to upgrade. Made with pearls, white quartz and gold beads, this stack also has a pretty dangle charm. I’d wear endlessly. 
I was originally browsing LeSportsac for dance bags (I’ve had LeSportsac bags before and they have never failed me!) and stumbled upon this cute sheen purse. In a few fun neon colors and a great price, I’d definitely buy as a cute alternative to a fanny pack for errands.
I bought these after finding them on sale at Cettire for under $250 (they normally go for $600 or more). Think Birkenstocks, but beefed up in quality with cooler buckle hardware.
She used to sell these in each zodiac spelling, but now there’s an option online where you can make your own necklace to say whatever you’d like! You can also opt for a pearly or bronze chain. So funky + cool.
I have already bought the Rare Beauty liquid blush and I absolutely love it! Now, I’m curious about the lip oil. I’m not a huge lipstick girlie, so I think I could start expanding my horizons with something like this. #teamSelena
These hoops are crafty-looking but still a sophisticated statement earring that can replace the beaded tassel earrings I still own from high school. 
As a very sunburn-prone person, I need another rash guard to keep me protected this summer on the water! I like that this one fully zips 
(most other rash guards are pull-overs). 
I refuse to spend a lot of money on sunglasses, so these are a great medium price point option in exchange for better quality. 
Flip flops, but chicer. They have a little platform bottom, but I don’t think they should be too heavy because they’re made of rubber. I’m eagerly awaiting a sale so I can justify purchasing these.
I like this unique looking chain link style! A chunky gold bracelet is a staple. 
I desperately need a staple summer belt that isn’t black. This is such a versatile and elegant option.
16 + 17. Swarovski Cocktail Rings Millenia Open Ring / Mesmera Cocktail Ring
I got these on discount this month as basically half price! I’ve never before purchased cocktail rings for special occasions + obviously love anything and everything Swarovski.
It’s giving cozy, coastal grandma and I’m planning on being on Cape Cod very soon! 
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