Our on-demand workout library is quickly growing, so we sifted through our 200+ unique workouts to curate a list of the classes we loved teaching the most. Thank you for joining us for each of these classes, we couldn’t have done any of it without your hard work on the other end of the screen! 


Sunday Burn is like our first-born fitness baby— it was our first official class, and will always hold a special place in our hearts. With its tried-and-true 60 minute format that keeps you moving the entire time, we know you all love Sunday Burn as much as we do. Here are a few of our favorites:

This Sunday Burn is filled with tons of challenging de-stabilizing moves.

Without a particular muscle group focus, this Sunday Burn is super well-rounded. 

We love the spicy glute work in this one.


We know that Sunday Burn is long— as much as your muscles are burning during class, your focus is also being challenged throughout. Enter Express Burn: it’s still a full body workout on the mat, but in half the amount of time. Here’s our picks:

We move quick in every Express Burn— keep up with Britt in this one!

Back exercises are so often overlooked. Dig into the circuits on this one that focus on upper + lower back strength!

We’re obsessed with Britt’s playlists. This one is so groovy.  



Just for fun, here’s a bunch of shorties (workouts under 30 minutes) that made our list:

Target every single lower body muscle group with Samara!

Weightless arms moves are so sneaky— just when you think you’ve got the hang of it, your arms are literally set on fire.

Low abs are always a BURNER favorite and Sam hits all of our favorite exercises in this one.

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