December 2022

In an effort to bring you a bit more lifestyle and fashion content here at SteeleSculpt, I present my shopping wishlist items from this past month. I’ve always been a serial online window shopper— so I decided to consolidate the chaos that is my various Google Chrome tabs, always open on my computer. Inspired by the chic magazine collages I often scour, I hope this is a more aesthetically pleasing, digital version of my most desired items as of late. 

*Literally none of these items are sponsored, affiliates, or gifts. I am dying to buy all of it but it wouldn’t  be the financially wise thing to do. For now, I just admire from afar + make a vow to work harder.



So fun + versatile— perfect with tights and boots in the winter, then continue to wear with bare legs in the spring.
This deep emerald faux fur is excellent as a drinks/going-out jacket in the winter!
Maybe a little bit preppy for my taste, but a staple to own nonetheless. 
Customizable initials inside for your loved ones + the trendy ball chain make this a really cute piece.

The lacy details on the front are so unique!

2 skirts in 1— what’s not to love? 
I’ve been drooling over these for a while. Unfortunately I’m a little bit of a sneaker-head. 
I wear a few thinner rings, so I feel like this one would add a little more dimension + texture to my current stacks. 
Love the vertical/horizontal woven pattern, love the shopper structure + atypical colors. Love, love. 
I’ve seen versions of this with literal cow skin print incorporated into the pant legs and it felt too costume-y. I’m intrigued by the high leg seam!
I love the piping on this jacket so much. It falls in line with the quilted jacket trend, but the neutral colors make it look less gimmicky. 
With my history of ankle injuries, high heels are not my friend. Margaux had a holiday version of these Mary Janes with a little sparkle on the buckle, but the plain version is just as perfect. 
I love the glittery bags all over social media lately, but I’m not a fan of the floppy ones. This structured version serves both sparkle + shape. 
One day I’ll save up to get this. A good belt to last forever that never goes out of style.
Plaid shacket vibes, but in a more timeless bomber style.
Ugh, one day. I clearly have knack for woven bags, but this one looks so luscious.
Love this Chelsea boot style but with the stretchy/sock ankle.
I’ve been seeing so many white eyelet dresses everywhere for this summer! I like how this Oxford style tunic makes the eyelets seem more modern.
Flared jeans are so chic + the cute front pockets make this pair unique.
In the best way possible, I feel like Vivian from Legally Blonde would wear this…of course only after she became best friends with Elle and dumped Warner. 
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