Life of a Ballet Dancer: My Off-Season Schedule

BLOG Life of a Ballet Dancer: MY OFF-SEASON SCHEDULE The off-season is equal parts glorious and anxiety inducing.  The glorious part is the rest. The beautiful moments with family + friends, plus a change of scenery if I’m able to travel, make my heart so happy.  The anxiety inducing part is the ballerina who lives […]

Our Favorite Workout Gear— Ballet Dancer Approved!

BLOG OUR FAVORITE WORKOUT GEAR—BALLET DANCER APPROVED! Isn’t it THE WORST when your workout gear isn’t ready for your workout?  Class begins, you’re in the zone, and then you realize your new shorts are giving you a major wedgie each time you squat. Even worse, you’re in the middle of your plank and all you […]

4 Most Common Mistakes in Crunches

BLOG 4 MOST COMMON MISTAKESin CRUNCHES Ah, crunches. Tough stuff. Never feels GREAT. But heck, they work.  Basically, anytime you bend your torso forward, your abdominal muscles contract. When you contract a muscle over + over, it gets stronger. Hence, fitness’ obsession with crunches.  I like a nice crunch, but the word “crunch” grinds my […]

Top Muscles I Target as a Ballet Dancer

BLOG Top Muscles I TargetAs a ballet dancer When I first began to work as a professional ballet dancer, I immediately understood something that nobody talked about as a ballerina-in-training: to become even stronger, you have to turn to fitness. Repeating things in the ballet studio is necessary, but being well-versed in exercise science was […]