August 2023 Picks

SARAH’s PICKS Accidentally made a Noah’s ark of picks this month: two of everything! (Not quite literally, but almost.) Two blue cardigans, two blue dresses, three (!) kinds of ballet flats, two cosmetic products, two shoulder bags, two jewelry picks, etc… I definitely got carried away. Sue me— I was enjoying my summer downtime! More […]

July 2023 Picks

SARAH’s PICKS A few things I’ve obsessed over this month: halter maxi dresses, woven bags, anything green, and even clogs, which I now feel I desperately need. I also saw the Oofos sandals in the Army-Navy store and they are *so* comfortable that I scoured their website for their most unoffensive looking pair. Hope you […]

June 2023 Picks

SARAH’s PICKS Amid a very busy month, I finally got together a few picks of what I’ve loved and purchased from my online perusing— I definitely went on a flat shoe tangent + even ended up on Chairish looking for affordable pieces of art for my new apartment. Enjoy!   THE DETAILS: 1. Hill House […]

Sarah’s Picks April 2023

SARAH’s PICKS This is a fun combination of my picks from spring sales + a lot of targeted “getting ready for summer” content on my feeds. I did in fact purchase a few of the picks below, too! Scroll down for more details and my notes.   THE DETAILS: 1. Lizzie Fortunado Organic HoopsI love […]

Sarah’s Picks March 2023

SARAH’s PICKS I really enjoyed putting this one together. There’s a huge range in terms of price here + added more commentary below each link. Hopefully you find this to be a solid mix of trendy and classic pieces!   THE DETAILS: 1. Zara Straight Cargo PantI fell deep into a cargo pants Internet hole […]

Why Air Squats Are the Ultimate Lower Body Move

why air squats are the ultimate lower body move from our Bustle feature Read below on Sarah’s insights on adding squats to your workout routine! Check out the Bustle article here. Let’s start with a definition: An air squat is an unresisted, bodyweight squat in a neutral, hip-distance or shoulder-distance stance. You can think of […]

Sarah’s Picks February 2023

SARAH’s PICKS Another full month of scrolling and excellently targeted ads has left me with another list of picks. Peruse at your pleasure!    THE DETAILS: 1. Bauble Bar Bennett 18K Gold Adjustable Tennis Necklace 2. Rotate Birger Christensen Croc Look Silver Pants 3. Uniqlo x MARNI Down Oversized Vest 4. Outdoor Voices FrostKnit Hoodie 5.  Niche Street Santee […]

Side Plank Tutorial

SIDE PLANK TUTORIAL Beginner BuRNERS PREVIEW Just in time for the season of resolutions and self-improvement, BEGINNER BURNERS is dropping on Saturday, January 7th. Beginner Burners is a 25-Day on-demand workout program designed to get you “back on the wagon” while moving from the comfort of your home. All you need is yourself + your […]

Sarah’s Picks January 2023

SARAH’s PICKS Compiled in part on my Caribbean honeymoon, and in part in freezing D.C. A bit all over the place, but I’m trying to genuinely put together what I love without editing for your view. Let me know what you think!   THE DETAILS: 1. Chan Luu White Pearl Mix Odyssey Necklace 2. Outdoor Voices […]

Sarah’s Picks December 2022

SARAH’s PICKS December 2022 In an effort to bring you a bit more lifestyle and fashion content here at SteeleSculpt, I present my shopping wishlist items from this past month. I’ve always been a serial online window shopper— so I decided to consolidate the chaos that is my various Google Chrome tabs, always open on […]