Accidentally made a Noah’s ark of picks this month: two of everything! (Not quite literally, but almost.) Two blue cardigans, two blue dresses, three (!) kinds of ballet flats, two cosmetic products, two shoulder bags, two jewelry picks, etc… I definitely got carried away. Sue me— I was enjoying my summer downtime! More details + comments below. Enjoy!




I fell down a rugby shirt hole + landed at Madewell. It’s a little over priced, I think, but it’s 100% cotton, perfectly slouchy, and very appropriate as I reassume my ivy league lifestyle.
I’m impartial to drop waisted dresses + skirts— my wedding dress had a drop waist!
TikTok influenced me on this one. I have not yet ventured into the makeup arena of eye pencil, but now I’m intrigued to try this out for nighttime looks. 
Saw a photo of myself next to Brittany and couldn’t stop thinking about how much my skin tone looked like gefilte fish. This product uses sugar beets to tan your face without the typical funky smell of fake tan chemicals. I’d give this a go for contour first, though.
For some reason I have a lot of childhood memories of my mom’s shoes— I guess because you’re so small, you’re always looking at people’s feet. My mom had a pair of these that I always liked, and now I feel it’s my turn to invest in these classic flats.
Finally caved into the midi skirt resurgence + opted for this black denim version with a center slit. Will be wearing with boots a lot this fall + winter! 
Something I definitely don’t need, but would love to own. A non-season-specific cardigan that works in winter over turtlenecks + again in the summer over a tank top. 
Continuing on the cardigan search, I ended up purchasing this cozy one from Gap that has cool accent piping. 
I like this oversized shoulder bag that is durable and big enough for iPad, a book, + personal items.
Got these as a more funky alternative to the flats I already have. 
I love this brand + this zodiac pendant is so cool. On my wishlist for now and will search for excuses to buy soon.
I have some flare corduroys in tan but I’d love these navy, looser fitting ones to change it up throughout the fall + winter.
The brighter colors of this bag are on sale + I’m impartial to the green. I don’t have many brightly colored bags (because they feel less versatile), but this one has landed on my wishlist.
Late to trend, but I finally found an iteration of the Samba that looks universally wearable enough for me to buy. I’ll start wearing these sometimes instead of my white Vejas.
A great wedding guest dress! I love wearing halters and the texture on this one makes it a little more interesting. 
Really affordable blue dress option #2. I would buy for more casual occasions where I want to feel just a little more put together. 
I thought I needed a heavier duty winter jacket altogether to survive the Boston winter, but then I realized I should try layering first. Going to be wearing a vest under every jacket to see if that helps me any. I like that this one covers your bum. 
I still haven’t pulled the trigger on a pair of Mary Janes, but I found this much more affordable pair made of recycled faux patent leather. Love the square toe, too!
Kudos to TikTok for this one. I got turned onto the Etsy versions of Spinelli rings through a few different creators + wanted to see what the OG rings looked like. They’re definitely pricey, but it’s a wear-all-the-time kind of ring. One day…
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